Surprisingly easy Italian customs

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    Before studying abroad, I had never really gone through any international customs. If I had, then it was when I was young and still holding my mom’s hand. After this summer, I went to many different countries and through their customs. Each one was different and many were confusing to find, had long waits, or required forms that I didn’t know I needed. Italy however, has one of the easiest customs I have ever been through. After getting off a bus from the plane, passengers are immediately ushered through a door that turns into the line for customs. If flying internationally from a non-Schengen country, then bags are scanned while waiting passengers wait in the customs line. 

    The line to scan bags then feeds into the customs line so that you never have to change lines or have people jump in front of you while you wait. If you are flying from inside the EU, then all you have to do is go through customs, without having bags scanned.

    While this may sound intimidating, I waited in this line for about fifteen minutes before I was stamped and well on my way into Naples.I was surprised at how fast we moved. There were over 200 passengers from our plane and only three officers working. While trying to catch a bus home, I genuinely thought there was no chance I would make my bus. But twenty minutes later, the whole plane had been cleared and there were only a few people left behind us to go through. Waiting in any type of line can be exhausting, especially when customs are known for going slow. In Italy, the four to five agents work quickly and efficiently so everyone can get through without any troubles. 

    I personally recommend budgeting about an hour to go through customs, just in case there are any unforeseen issues or delays. Going through Italian customs is nothing to be nervous or worry about while traveling. Budgeting extra time can help keep nervous travelers at ease instead of feeling rushed. 

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