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The Affordable Amalfi Coast- Year Round

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How to Save Money while on Holiday on the Amalfi Coast

Tuesday, April 7th,  2009 Laura Thayer

Picturesque street in Positano, ItalyAre you planning a trip to Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast in the coming year, but are worried it might be out of your price range? Think again! Here are five tips to help you save money and get the best out of your visit to Italy’s famed coastline.

Travel Off Season

One of the secrets of visiting the Amalfi Coast is to come outside of the peak travel season. This tip will not only save you money at your hotel or bed & breakfast but will also bring you to Amalfi at some of the loveliest and least crowded moments of the year. Arrive during the spring or early summer to enjoy the beautiful coastline and less crowded beaches. Autumn brings with it equally stunning views, and beautiful beach days last well into October. While it can vary depending on the particular hotel or bed & breakfast, peak season is generally Easter, major holidays, and the months of July and August. Some hotels offer low season and mid season prices, so check to see when the rates change as you are searching for your lodging. A word of warning: During the low season from November to March, there are fewer buses and often no boat connections between cities. Many restaurants and shops also close down for holiday during the months of January and February.

Get off the Beaten Path

The Amalfi Coast is famous for the beautiful cities of Positano and Amalfi, but you will also find several charming cities tucked into and perched high above the coastline. If you are looking to save some expenses on your lodging, broaden your search and consider staying in some of the smaller cities along the Amalfi Coast. The city of Praiano, located next door to glamorous Positano, has many hotels with stunning views of the sea below. Just a short walk or bus ride from Ravello, famous for its yearly music festival, is the charming and quiet city of Scala, with family owned hotels offering stunning views of its well-known neighbor.

Look for the Local Touch

While the Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most luxurious and famous hotels in the world, you will also find many small, family run hotels and charming bed and breakfast options offering very reasonable rates. Many have locations and terrace views equally as stunning as their five star neighbors, and provide a local touch to your stay. Do your research in advance and discover some of these charming spots!

Hop on the Bus

The Amalfi Coast road is famous for its wild curves, narrow roads, and breathtaking views. For those wanting to experience the views without the cost of renting a car and the stress and expense of parking, the public SITA buses are the way to go. With connections between all the major cities on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Salerno, the buses that run along the Amalfi Coast offer visitors an excellent way to travel between cities at an inexpensive price. (From 2-6 euros depending on the type of ticket.) Before hopping on the bus, don’t forget to buy your tickets at most tabacchi shops or bars where you see a SITA sign.

Hit the Beach like the Locals

Are you planning some major beach time during your holiday on the Amalfi Coast? The warm sun and dazzling blue sea are certainly not to be missed. While the comfort of sun beds and beach umbrellas can’t be denied, the costs can add up if you are planning to head to the beach every day. My final tip is to hit the beach like the locals. Every city along the coast will have different sections of the beach reserved for hotels or restaurants, but take a look around for where the locals have flung their towels down to catch the sun. Often they are the best spots around! Generally there will be a free shower of some kind nearby where the locals swim. Enjoy the sun, the beach and the beautiful sea for free!

Photo of Positano, Amalfi Coast by StrudelMonkey


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