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Congress warns on Detroit shake-up plans

US lawmakers are building roadblocks to the rapid restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler, arguing for more time to examine plans to shut the carmakers’ dealerships and plants

– Jun-03

GM bankruptcy filing

The US auto giant’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

– Jun-04

GM’s adviser will hide in the wings

Restructuring advisers often hide offstage as they counsel high-profile clients who are struggling to survive, and Albert Koch, the new chief restructuring officer of General Motors, adheres to that tradition

– Jun-03

Funds to present case over Chrysler

A group of Indiana pension funds fighting Chrysler’s restructuring will present arguments to a federal appeals court, potentially scuttling the carmaker’s plan to finalise an alliance with Italy’s Fiat

– Jun-03

US car sales boost mirrors global rise

All major carmakers posted higher sales in the US last month than in April, with heavy discounting boosting even General Motors and Chrysler, which are both in bankruptcy protection

– Jun-02

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Comment and analysis

General Motors goes to the garage

John Gapper

Chapter 11 gives chief executive Fritz Henderson room to manoeuvre in stripping down GM’s balance sheet, curbing its healthcare and pension liabilities and closing reluctant dealers. But can he remould GM for the long-term, rather than just foster a cyclical revival, asks John Gapper

Salutary lessons from the downfall of a carmaker

John Kay

General Motors, the failing giant was the iconic corporation of the 20th century and introduced many of the industrial practices that were adopted the world over. Yet the factors that had once been the company’s strengths were became its weaknesses, writes John Kay

What a Hummer

The previously unknown Chinese firm that has bought the GM brand will be the subject of a few punchlines, but it may have the last laugh

Russia hopes to get behind the wheel

When Barack Obama announced his decision to shepherd General Motors into bankruptcy, Vladimir Putin, Russian was conducting some car industry business of his own

How Washington blew GM’s bankruptcy

The administration took a tragic situation and turned it into an expensive mess to pay a political debt, needlessly wasting billions of dollars in the process, writes Michael Levine

End of a US era

The US government relied on large companies like GM to provide welfare benefits, and never put in place policies that could ease the post-industrial economic restructuring

Obama can have the Chrysler he wants

In a rather poetic twist, Chrysler is due to exit from Chapter 11 today while General Motors goes into it and Arthur Gonzalez, a New York judge, has written an admirably clear ruling on why he did not accept challenges to the restructuring, says John Gapper

General Motors holds a mirror up to America

US politicians dare not talk openly about industrial adjustment because the public does not want to hear about it, writes Robert Reich

General Motors

If the phrase, ‘end of an era’, has been overused lately, it surely applies in the case of the 100

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