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Positano News ha avuto una inviata speciale per la partita pareggiata dal Napoli con il Milan, dalla perla della Costiera Amalfitana è partita la nostra inviata Lili Adel per un reportage veramente interessante, scritto con l’occhio di una americana che ha un rapporto d’affetto con Positano e la Amalfi Coast


A Tourist’s Guide to Italian Soccer


Italy is know for many great things; beautiful landscapes, delicious food, rich culture and vast history. For those who follow soccer, Italy is known as the World Cup champion and a fierce national league: Serie A. Attending a calcio match is an adventure. We knew our travel schedule more than six months in advance, yet tickets only became available a week prior to our arrival. We had family connections in Positano, Amalfi Coast, so they were able to get tickets for the Napoli versus AC Milan game. If you don’t have any local connections, we saw a tabacchi selling tickets in Naples. As with anything in Italy, you have to keep asking around until you find what you need.


I found it extremely interesting that the tickets for women are 5 euro less than the tickets for men. This must be some type of program to get more women to attend. I think it is working, because I saw quite a large number of women at the game.


The next challenge is getting to the game. It starts with the Positano Interna up to Bar Internazionale. Then take the SITA bus to Sorrento to catch the Circumvesuviana heading for Naples. At the Napoli Centrale Station transfer to the metro linea 2 and get off at the Campo de Fleigri stop. The stadium is a short walk from the metro stop. The total trip takes about 3 hours if you make all the connections.


There are several different entries into the stadium depending on the ticket assignments. Our tickets turned out to be general seating. They sell more tickets than there are seats so you have to get there at least an hour early to get seats. We were distracted by the restaurants and spent too much time eating to get seats. The fans just crammed on top of each other in the stairways happy to be at the game. We were worried it would be a cold night, but the energy of the crowd helped raise the stadium temperature by a few degrees.


We were able to talk our way into another section where we got to sit and enjoy the game. It was exhilarating to see some of the worlds best players compete. The stadium is simple, no clock, no score board, no big screen TV, and no numbered seats. The game however is complex with fancy footwork and marvelous theatrics.


It seemed a little crazy that the metro wasn’t running after the game. We had to hustle in a cab back to the train station to catch the last Circumvesuviana of the night. There was no other choice than to have a driver pick us up from Sorrento to take us back to Positano. I would recommend this unique experience to anyone interested in soccer or anyone wanting to see real Italians doing what they love.


–Lili Adeli

Intanto ecco la foto di Massimo Capodanno della signora Caterine Adeli (S) e di sua nuora Lili Adeli (D) che mi mostrano i biglietti del San Paolo e la piantina dello stadio


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