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POSITANO- With the Christmas Holidays over Positano and the Amalfi Coast, Costiera Amalfitana, continue to exert their millenial charm to all who seek  to know and revisit the mythical “Divina” in its Winter  dress. Sunshine abounds as mild winter temperatures create the perfect ambience for venturing into the history, archaeology, culture, art , myths and legends of this remarkable corner of planet earth.

The beauty of the Coast and its interior has astounded and seduced from the first inhabitants in pre-history  to the Greek colonists of 3500 years ago to  their Roman counterparts and myriad conquests to the modern conquest by visitors worldwide.

Why? In a phrase “Simply in the joy of being here”. The list of famous musicians, writers, painters, poets , historical personalities and modern day celebrities could fill a book.! Indeed there are several books documenting those who have passed through and the many who chose to stay. Beauty of place is what most defines the stirrring within one on seeing the remarkable landscape that nature worked in forming these cliffs, bays, valleys, coves and caverns.

Winter poses no impediment to the joy of being here. The mountain paths and their panoramas from on high thrill all who  venture on them. “The Walk of The Gods” perhaps the most famous of many is open year round and in Winter provides just the right climate for exploring whether packing a picnic lunch or eating at rustic retreats.

Speaking of retreats , now is the time to enjoy the cozy and reasonably priced Bed & Breakfasts, Pensione and Country  Houses located throughout the Coast and especially in the  vicinity of  the famous mountain-paths.

Have a taste for local cuisine ? Southern Italian style? It too never goes out of season and we’ll be talking about it throughout the Winter and its complete availability. In private homes that open to the visitor, in rustic Hosterie, Trattorie and Restaurants, for all tastes and budgets.

Visit our Vineyards with ever growing appreciation and accolades internationally. Savor the famous Mozzarella di Bufala right at the point of production where the Buffalo abound. Savor the traditional local cheeses and view their creation as well.

Pompei is open year round as are the numerous other archaeological sites in the area. (Herculaneum,Paestum, The Stabian Villas, The House of Poppea and much more.).

Abundance is a good way to describe this worldly paradise. It abounds with the good and true treasure of natural beauty and abundant delights for all tastes.

Francesco Carpegna: www.positanoadventurewalks.com







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