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POSITANO and The Amalfi Coast IN WINTER

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POSITANO- Christmas is upon us and soon The New Year with the sun shining brightly and the “Divina” Costiera augmented in its brilliant  colors with Festive Lights and  tradtional feasts, rituals and festivities. The Christmas tables at restaurants and at  home are laden with gastronomic delights that bwould bring merriment to the coldest of hearts. Dear  Mr. Scrooge you could have avoided a lifetime of unhappiness had you been born here!

Gastronomic wonder reveals itself as each of the 13 villages that comprise the “Costiera Amalfitana” proudly and abundantly offer specialties of each. For the approximately 2 weeks of joy to the world and welcoming the New Year everyday could be a different adventure in food and cultural activities. Concerts abound throughout the Coast and the attractions of Pompei and its archaeological environs as well as Amalfi, Ravello, Napoli , Positano (The Land of Myths and Legends) continue to be here without the August crowds. Enjoyment of every description in a more relaxed and truly festive environment.

Villas and apartments available at reasonable rates and the B&B’s , pensione and smaller hotels all have their doors open in  welcoming and warm  Holiday atmosphere.


Certainly one of the alluring and enduring attractions of the Amalfi Coast is its hospitality and during the Holiday Season “La Divina” truly out does itself in the offerings available to every taste and pocketbook.  FNC



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