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Salerno, November 12 – Ravello, Amalfi Coast. An Italian man got a divorce after a few months claiming his mother-in-law was making life ”hell”.

He then thought of finding an orphan to replace his first wife.

”The marriage lasted just four months but it was hell,” said 36-year-old accountant P.A. after a church annulment was ratified by a civil court on the Amalfi Coast.

”I thought all the stories about terrible mothers-in-law were made up but I was forced to think again. There’s no point describing everything I suffered, you have to go through it yourself,” said P.A, who went into the marriage after a pre-nup agreement that his fiancee’s mother wouldn’t interfere in their lives.

”After the separation I was hoping to meet a woman whose mother had died so I wouldn’t have to relive that experience. Thank God I’ve found the right woman and a kind and understanding mother-in-law”.

The ex-wife, 31-year-old G.M.C, told the court that her mother had only intervened when her former husband treated her badly.

”My husband never took care of me or our daughter. The months of marriage were terrible because of the unacceptable behaviour of a man who was supposed to love and respect me.

”My mother wasn’t interfering, she was worried about her daughter’s physical and psychological state”.

The woman, who has yet to remarry, said her mother ”didn’t do anything that any other responsible parent wouldn’t have done”.

photo: Jane Fonda plays mother-in-law from hell in 2005 film Monster-in-LawSalerno, November 12 – An Italian man got a divorce after a few months claiming his mother-in-law was making life ”hell”.

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