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Neapolitan is now officially a language foto

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In the session of the
Region of Campania on 14
October 2008 the Neapolitan language became definitely a language.
The Region decided about the proposal for protecting language considering the initiative of
the province and therefore now Neapolitan also “at home”
became a language.

On an international level Neapolitan
has already been considered as a language for many years and now it
became official also “at home”: what has been written since
the XV century and still is being spoken in many parts of the South
of Italy as well as outside Italy, for example in the United States
and Argentina, just to mention two, now is being considered to be
language also by the Region of Campania. There’s a huge amount of
literature in Neapolitan and there are more and more people who
actively try to get their language back, not only by talking it, but
also trying to write.

The legislative act
wants to protect the language and promote the education of the spoken
and written language.

Now I am asking myself if this is
eventually the starting point where people start to co-operate to
create free study material and free contents. I am asking myself if
you, dear readers, now consider to participate in many projects to
protect what is your culture and language. I am asking myself if an
initiative like in Piedmont to get low cost laptops with user
interface in Piedmontese language into schools would be a possibility
for Campania as well. Learning Without Borders in Belgium is involved
in exactly that: get low-cost laptops into the schools co-operating
with the authorities or, if wished, also with autonomous groups which
have the same goal.

The links to the original article in
Italian language and to Learning Without Borders are to be found

Sabine Emmy Eller

Link to an article in Italian of Il Denaro

* Link
to the article in Italian language

* Link al website of
Learning Without Borders

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