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Amalfi Shock for teacher´s family as his body flown home missing it´s head

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Shock for teacher’s family as his body flown home missing it’s head

THE grieving family of a Scots teacher who died on an Italian holiday were in shock last night after learning his body was returned to them without its head.

Robert Tyack, 60, vanished on a hill walking trip in 2003. And when his badly decomposed remains were finally found six months later, there was no sign of a head.

Italian police are now investigating whether a skull discovered in the same hills on Monday is Robert’s.

But the news is a horrific bombshell for his family, who had always believed that his remains were intact when they were flown home.

Brother-in-law Chris Ormerod, 64, said last night: “We are absolutely devastated to hear this news.

“It is horrendous. We have asked the police and Foreign Office to look into it for us.

“My sister has been through enough over the last five years.”

Robert, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, was on holiday in Amalfi with wife Josephine when he told her he was going for a walk in hills near their hotel.

Police searched the area but only found his rucksack.

Six months later, a man out picking mushrooms in the Lattari Mountains found the headless body of the Airdrie Academy maths teacher in a deep, mudfilled gully.

This week, a teenager out walking in the same area discovered a human skull.

Police in Amalfi said: “We want to clarify if it could be that of the British tourist.”

The cops believe Robert’s death was an accident. They hope that if the skull is confirmed as his, it will help pinpoint an exact cause.

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