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Valentin – or when a tumor grows for the second time …

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Valentin is three years old and lives in Ucraine, in a rural region, and has a brain tumor, the second one … he already had a brain surgery when he was a baby. He recovered and was sent home. This year a second tumor was found, in the same place he had it before, so it grew again, but this time he did not have luck: it grew in such a way that it cannot be removed in Kiev. An association in Kiev which cares about kids had a contact in Germany and that person immediately went around various hospitals to find a place where the surgery could be done.

Well, there was an answer from Munich and they asked for 63.000 Euros, you can have a look at it, it is available online:

People started to donate money and some was from his parents and so a first part of the payment, required by the hospital of approx. 23.000 EUR was paid in advance and the hospital asked him to immediately arrive in Munich, because the surgery is very urgent, but Valentin is still in Kiev in a hospital where today in the afternoon he had a very critical moment. Why? Well the embassy does not give him the visa, because the full amount of 63.000 EUR is not paid and because his “living during his stay in Germany” is not assured. Will he ever “live” in Germany? Of course also the visa for the people who should accompany him was refused … and yes, one more problem: he cannot be transported by airplane, because that could be fatal for him, so he must be taken from Kiev to Munich in an ambulance.

Now there are some 20 pages of paper here on the desk stating: this boy needs urgent medical treatment which cannot be given in Kiev, that doctors in Munich are waiting for him and that the embassy refuses the visa.

Tomorrow will be a crucial day. We will get people in touch, between a foundation who could maybe help with funds or to collect funds, the hospital and the embassy … will they be there to help a child?

24 September 2008

It is Friday, 26 September 22:28 hrs Italian time. Valentin today received the visa. He is now on his way to Munich and should arrive there tomorrow evening. Now that the worst par of the tension went down, we feel happy, because he is on the way and somwhat thoughtful, because we don’t know what is to come. Time to take a good rest ourselves and then write a complete new article for you during the week-end.

27. September, 22:30 hrs Italian time. Some mins ago Valentin arrived at the hospital in Munich.

29. September: The only news we have is that they are preparing Valentin for the surgery.

2 October: Yesterday was one of those days, actually the other day in the evening things started to go wrong. I will try to fill all this in and hope I really have the time to do so. Now Valentin is in Munich in the hospital and the doctors explained that they cannot give him the needed surgery. His mom knows that he will die if he does not get the surgery and therefore she at least wants to try, because you never know what a human being is capable of. So what we now need is addresses from specialists in Neurochirurgy in the Eurpoean Union (they have the vista for EU countries, so this would be the best solution without having to start over again with burocracy). If anyone of you knows a place where we could ask for the surgery, please let us know. Our e-mail addresses are below. We have the latest MR results as file, so we can transmit actual data to these doctors. Thank you!!!

2 October 17:15 hrs: Well, tomorrow Valentin will go home … three hospitals confirmed that surgery is not possible anymore.

3 October 20:30 hrs: What seemed over is not over … we were told about another hospital in Germany where “lost cases” were treated with success. Now we are trying to contact the doctors there. I was told to re-call at ten this evening because now they are having an emergency. And besides that: there is also a contact in far-east, but that is more problematic, because transportation in airplane is critical. Well, let’s see and hope.

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p.s. Yes, we will tell you about how things are proceeding …

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