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Nikolay – can something simple become so difficult? foto

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My name is Nikolay, I am 8 month old and I already have quite a lot to tell. When I was born, my parents signed a paper that they did not want me and that I should go to the orphanotrophy. Well, it happens to many, right?

Yes, but with a small difference.

I was born with a malformation of the bladder, a kind of malformation which in many places in the world can be treated without difficulties, but here, in Ucraine, they can’t do this. They don’t have the technique, the tools … well, actually everything is missing. So they attached a tube where my wee comes out.

I had this surgery soon after I was born and when everything was over and I had this tube attached, the orphanotrophy did not take me, because they could not handle this situation. They just left me in hospital where I got this tube attached and that is the place where I still live today without even knowing where else I could go. I have lived there every day of all the 8 months of my life and all these months I have been waiting, and I am still waiting … they cannot keep me in the hospital for ever and if I don’t get the surgery to resolve my bladder problem within the next months … well, they will not be able to do much for me … the day will come and it will be to late.

I am really a good boy, please don’t think I’m not. Now you look at my photos and maybe you think I’m crying all the time, and I must be a bore. I know, there are tears in my eyes there. Well, you know, as it happens, all my family is a volunteer lady who comes to see me whenever she can. I’m always very happy to see her, because she is the only person who ever loved me. So when she stood up top make the pictures I… I tought maybe she was going away, and I got sad. That happens. I try to be strong, but honestly sometimes I’m sad.

I don’t know how and why I was born like this. But I know I want to be normal, and to have a mother and a father. And I want to be able to pee and do everything else as normal people do. Is that too much? Well it was so far, but tomorrow, who knows? So I wait for this better tomorrow, one day after the the other. Only… already 240 of these days went by, like fruits from a tree.

If anyone helps me so that I can get surgery, I can get my bladder fixed and get rid of this stupid tube, I can have a normal penis and grow up to be a man like all people are. I will be able to have a normal sexual life and to have my own children. It doesn’t take billions of dollars to do it. And if I can find anyone I may call mom and dad I… I will not have tears in my eyes anymore, just because of a picture. Kids of my age have pics with their grandfathers and grandmothers, not pictures like mine.

Please, if anyone knows how to help with the surgery and a family that will love me, drop a line to Uncle Bèrto. I’m here, waiting. You are welcome to write at any time in the day I’m going to be here anyway. I’d like to go places but… you can bet I’ll be here.

There is no long waiting time to adopt me. Sick children are adoptable with a simplified procedure, well, at least that. Okay okay… I’ll shut up and wait. But please, remember I’m here. Waiting. Really… please.

With a lot of hope


So that is Nikolay’s story … we are already trying to move mountains, but so far we could not. Anyone who might be able to help directly or with contacts, internet addesses, ideas, suggestions, please let us know.

We will keep you updated when there are news to tell.

Thank you!

30.09.2008: added some more photos

2 October: Well, we hoped for a solution with SOS-Kinderdorf
(SOS-Childrensvillages), because in 2006 such a village was opened near
Kiev. They may take Nikolay only after he had his surgery … it is
like running against an elastic wall … we already know where he could
have his surgery, we know we would get the money together in some way,
but we cannot get him out of Ukraine so that he can have his surgery
… but: there must be a way. We have been asking in various EU countries to find out if there is a country where adoptation laws involve a less burocratical iter … for now: no result.

Bèrto ‘d Sèra (e-mail: berto.d.sera [at] voxhumanitatis [dot] org)

Isa Bertram Polanco

Maja Wohllebe
Outi Sané (e-mail: outi.sane [at] voxhumanitatis [dot] org)

Sabine Emmy Eller (e-mail: s.eller [at] voxhumanitatis [dot] org)

Wilma Peruzzi

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