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There have been a couple of fierce sudden storms in the last few days with strong winds, lightenng, thunder and torrential rain. And what happens when it suddenly rains after a long dry spell? All the dry mountain riverbeds suddenly turn into raging torrents pouring down the mountainside…..
And this is the result. Twigs, leaves, logs, rubbish and anything else that the river finds in its path is washed into the sea and drifts around in the currents, making swimming impossible. It seems ironic that Positano was recently awarded the Bandiera Blu for clean waters. Where did they test the water? In somebodys bathroom perhaps?
This is what washed into the cove at Laurito today:
Disgusted, but desperate for a swim I took the canoe out in search of clean water. I paddled about 50 metres around the corner, and found crystal clear water:
Positano has a small pedalo boat with an outboard motor that is dedicated to scooping rubbish out of the sea. Not really very effective, but better than nothing. Today they really had their work cut out. Here they are pullihg in, loaded with bags of rubbish at the end of the day:

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