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Peter ruta returns to positano, Amalfi Coast, Campania at ninetyart – the well known painter, fifty years absent, is back in the neighborhood to paint the landscape
Peter Ruta has returned after half a century to paint the landscape he loves best. the american painter PR is ninety, was born in dresden, germany in 1918, he came here straight from ny with a roll of canvas and all the other equipment needed to paint, in the middle of the amalfi coast. the artist, who lived in Positano for many years, from 1953 to 1963, will be staying for two weeks in the same places where he painted Positano years ago.
Ruta was one of the painters of the golden age of Positano, recently had a show in Leipzig, had a studio in the twin towers, where he painted when of the last
views of the city before the tragedy of 2001. “Positano back then was a magic place,” Ruta recalls, “you met impoverished aristocrats, artists, actors, I remember the prince of Bavaria and Ingrid Bergman who was doing a film in Ravella, but above all I sought a peaceful place
to paint.”  His father, Walther Franke-Ruta was among the founders of dada cabaret
in Leipzig in the 1920s. Ruta emigrated to the US where in New York he studied
painting with Will Barnet and Jean Charlot, then studied in Mexico and in Venice
where he met the Guggenheim circle of artists. He arrived in Positano in the early 50s. The discovery of this place, outside of time and world events,
with its clear sharp light, led him to turn to landscape painting, studied,
revised, repeated, rewritten for six years: a fantastic place enlivened by
a small group of German exiles who had fled Nazism, Armin Wegner and his wife
Irene Kowaliska, Edward Gillhaisen – a Bauhaus artist in the mid 1920s the Dutch painter Han Harloff,who had studied with Bonnard, Karli Sohn-Rethel,
Kurt Craemer, Bruno Marquardt, to name some of the important residents of
Positano in thos year. Ruta has returned to Positano as a guest of Vincenzo
Esposito, owner of the gallery/restaurant “Il Mediterraneo”
“I was looking Rutas work for years, because I want to do an artistic
reconstruction of that period of the Positano Art Workshop, which put Positano at the center of the art world. So I invited him back, and he came,” Esposito

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