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NAPLES ARCHDIOCESE JOINS ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGN The Archdiocese of Naples ( Napoli, Campania ) has joined the Italian Automobile Club (ACI) in a new road safety campaign aimed at reducing traffic deaths. ”The diocese feels it is its duty to join ACI in this mission of civic faith and defense of life,” Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, the archbishop of Naples, said on Monday. The campaign has been dubbed ‘a maronna t’accumpagna’, which in Neapolitan dialect means ‘may the Virgin Mary be by your side’. ”We all feel we must make a contribution to stop this massacre which has a death toll more similar to that of an undeclared war,” the cardinal said. A report cited at the presentation of the new safety campaign said that in the province of Naples there are two road accidents every three hours, 23 people injured every day and an average of 2.6 deaths a week in traffic accidents. Furthermore, road accidents were the first cause of death among people between the ages of 0 and 30, the report added. The commitment of the archdiocese was explained in a letter which Cardinal Sepe sent to the province’s 286 parishes. These were accompanied by 400,000 information leaflets to be handed out to parishioners and 3,000 posters listing the ‘ten commandments’ of road safety, which were published by the Vatican last summer and begin with ‘thou shalt not kill….’. Parishes will also organize contests for the best written, graphic or video message on the topic of road safety. Prizes will include motorcycle helmets, rainwear, sunglasses and driving school lessons. ”With this campaign we hope to stress the sanctity of life which can be put at risk by irresponsible or reckless behavior while driving,” ACI Naples director Antonio Coppola said. ”And there is no sin more serious than that of eliminating the existence of another human being, as the Holy See rightly pointed out in its guide to good driving issued last summer,” he added. photo: Cardinal Sepe

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