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Campania, VitignoItalia 2008 A new perspective of wine

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VitignoItalia 2008

A new perspective of wine

January 31, 2008 


Campania , Napoli . VitignoItalia, exhibition of wine by original Italian grape vine, prepares its Fourth edition: at Naples from 26 to 28 May 2008. Three days strongly suited to the business. It is the first of several innovations of the 2008 edition: a B2B event that opens the doors to the operators from Monday 26.

Consolidated the marriage with the international summits of gastronomy with the participation of Giorgio Pinchiorri, owner of the prestigious Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. Kown talent-scout of many of the most prestigious Italian wines, Pinchiorri in Naples will speak about his opinion on wine and how to make it a strong point for the restaurant revealing the secrets of a perfect wine.

“A vintage year”, the Fourth edition of VitignoItalia is therefore announced more structured and rich in content, exhibition spaces and related events, beginning from  Wine & TheCity, outside VitignoItalia salon. A popular and Multi-faceted
event – designed by Donatella Bernabò Silorata – that will characterize the city of Naples in the pevious 5 days to the opening of the exhibition. Fil rouge will be the wine and the promotion of the culture of wine. Wine & Design, Wine & Art, Wine & Jewelry, Fashion & Wine, Food & Wine and naturally Wine & Wine: about fifty selected addresses – among wine shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels, art and design galleries and boutique – participate in the event opening the doors to happening and wine tastings waiting VitignoItalia.

The exhibition – made possible thanks to the contribution of Campania Region Department of Agriculture and Production Activities  – will open Monday May 26 after the National Weekend “Cantine Aperte” : in the 3exhibition halls of mMostra d’Oltremare in Naples over 350 italian wineries present their wines by native grape between exposure, tastings and business. The number of foreign buyers has been increased to 60 to increase contacts and business opportunities: in One to One area, in the middle of the hall, will be held personalized and targeted meetings, between producer and buyer.

Also big spaces to the binomial food and wine, wine and gastronomy, flagship of VitignoItalia: in the area Cookingforwine, the lounge gourmet edited by Luigi Cremona and Lorenza Vitali of Witaly, for three days the national best chefs will be cooking in a fascinating gastronomic show, including education, tasting, awards and pure entertainment.

 After the huge success of last year will be extended also the dehor Pizza & Wine with the pizza master Enzo Coccia that will propose the traditional Parthenopean pizzas in connection with wines from Campania.

Attention to small productions as “The great wines from small vineyards” a selection of wineries, small producers, names of people, vineyards and wine that is usually difficult to find in the fairs. A unique repertoire edited by Luciano Pignataro, the result of personal travels and explorations, which is intended to be a suggestion for those who are looking for a unique and inimitable bottle: bottles far from usual routes, usual spotlights, for curious palates, authentic wine-lovers. VitignoItalia is also that.

Spaces, finally, for solidarity: VitignoItalia this year supports the project Wine for life, the initiative of the Community of Sant’Egidio to support the fight against AIDS in Africa.

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