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Even though the Naples trash problem did not affect Positano, (Positano being in the region of Salerno and not Naples) it seems to have provoked some caring souls into making sure that such a thing never happens this side of Naples. Up until now many people here have been ignorant as to where to put their rubbish. Streams and mountain pathways are, er, literally littered with litter. Youths have no qualms about dropping sweet wrappers in the street as they walk or throwing trash out of the car windows. But as of tomorrow the rubbish skips in town will be taken away and residents will have to learn how to sort their trash.

Every household has been given a free ‘kit’ which includes instructions on how to separate trash, a selection of different coloured rubbish bags for glass/plastic/humid and unsortable and even a small brown lidded bin for foodstuffs. Also included is a weekly calender that explains where and when the seperated trash may be deposited.

Tourists may never have to walk past a full rubbish skip again in Positano as the new rules states that all trash must be deposited only the evening before collection and only between 9pm and 4am, and at no other time.

Of course this has created outrage with some residents who claim to be asleep well before 9pm and don’t wake up before 4am:

Qualcuno mi può dare qlc informazione sulla raccolta differ. Io alle 9 dormo già da un bel pò, come posso fare? Venite a ritirarla da casa mia, sono 375 scalini. Come posso fare???????????”

“Can anyone give me some info on the seperated trash. At 9pm I have already been sleeping for quite a while, what am I supposed to do? You come and pick up the trash from my house, its 375 steps. What am I supposed to do?”

“Chi lavora fino a tardi ed abita molto lontano dai centri di raccolta cosa deve fare? :dopo il lavoro torna a casa e riscende per andare a buttare la spazzatura!!!!”

“What are we supposed to do, those of us who work until late and live far away from the trash collection points? Go all the way home then all the way back just to put the trash out!!!!”

No doubt they will find a way to cope. The most uplifting change however, is that now there is also a phone number to call when large items such as washing machines, mattrasses and refrigerators need to be taken away. Hopefully it will be put to use and bring to an end the disgusting habit certain people have of launching their unwanted items over the edge of the mountain.

For now the trash collection points seem to be few and far between. There seems to be no clear collection points for the village of Montepertuso or the beach area. So while those residents figure out how far they have to go to take out their trash I will sit and contemplate where I am going to fit 5 full sized trash bags in my humble kitchen.

Niki Pos

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