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    The Restaurant IL MEDITERRANEO and its eclectic host and proprietor Enzo Esposito has proposed an evening of gastronomy.

    On  Tuesday, April 22nd at 18:00(6:00) PM , the Restaurant Il Mediterraneo of Positano will host an  exposition and tasting of two biologically produced products from the Campania Region.

    Presented by its eclectic  host and proprietor ENZO ESPOSITO the Ristorante Mediterraneo has become a showcase for artistic presentations over the years featuring artists and writers from the world over.It is on this very street that the Edna Lewis Art Workshop influenced and nurtured so many talents during its existence.  The artistry of Gastronomy certainly to be included  in IL Mediterraneo  presentations  and on this evening truly a “vernissage” of masterful products.


    Vanullo a name synonomous with quality now known throughout the world for its Mozzarella di Bufala, Ricotta di Bufala and Yogurt will offer its products for tasting to all present.

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