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    Yesterday evening in Naples, I said sorry to all the people of Campania.

    ”Sorry! I’m here to say sorry to you on behalf of all the Italians.
    In 1861 you were annexed by the people of Piedmont with a war of occupation. Naples was one of the capitals of Europe. With Victor Emmanuel II, it became the capital of emigration. The Savoys carried away the cash box of the Kingdom and sent you General Cialdini. Tens of thousands of people of Campania were massacred. Before being subjects of the people from Piedmont, they were subjects of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The next morning they were brigands. The technique is always the same: first they throw mud at you, then they kill you or beat you up. Naples is the world capital of rubbish. Dirty. Disgusting. It’s in Newsweek, Time, Le Monde. You are benefactors. You dispose of toxic waste from the whole world, and above all from the companies of Northern Italy. To poison Campania costs less than getting rid of toxic slurry. Who gains? The Gross Domestic Product!
    After being unified with Italy you are no longer a people. You are lazzaroni, people of the Camorra, scum, louts. You who had Cuma and Capua thousands of years ago. Greek civilization, Etruscan, Roman. Today you are prisoners in your own home. You don’t even know who you are. I beg your pardon for the Camorra, for Bassolino, for Veltroni, for Berlusconi, for Ms Iervolino, for Cirino Pomicino. I beg your pardon for Mussolini, for fascism, for the two world wars, for the race laws, for the ships full of emigrants. Pardon for having reduced one of the most beautiful cities in the world to an advertising spot on rubbish.
    Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core…nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe’ n’ora…stu desiderio ‘e te mme fa paura…

    On the other side of the Adriatic a tiny State has just become independent. It is Kosovo. It has 2 million inhabitants. There are 6 million of you in Campania and who knows how many millions around the world. You have a history that goes back thousands of years. The Italian State has reduced you to a dung heap. Become Kosovans. Have a referendum to become independent. I will support your campaign. Propose a plebiscite for the return of the Bourbons. You couldn’t be governed worse than this. They have even taken away your right to speak. The language of Naples has been recognised by UNESCO but not by the schools of Italy. Nobody eats buffalo mozzarella any more. They are afraid it is radioactive. Your agriculture is on its knees. You have to export tomatoes in secret. You have to mark tins of tomato paste : “made in China” so that you can put them on the contraband market in Europe. The Governor of Venice has started an advertising campaign in Germany. To explain to all Germans that the region of Venice is different from Campania. Caorle is better than Ischia and than Capri. Civilisation stops at the Piave: once it murmured, now it vomits the mayor Gentilini.
    Campania is a political laboratory. What happens here happens in the whole of Italy. The distance between the citizens and the institutions is no longer there. They have brought in the knowing truncheon. The one that thinks about it and then strikes the women and the old people with their hands up in Pianura and in Savignano Irpino. The almost-knowing truncheon of the G8 in Genoa, of the Val di Susa, has evolved with you, it has found mature representation, more democratic.
    Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core…nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe’ n’ora…stu desiderio ‘e te mme fa paura…

    Sorry. I want to ask for your pardon for the Acerra incinerator. For Impregilo. For our politicians chosen by the national parties. For Veronesi who’s at the top of Veltroni’s list in Lombardy and is three years older than De Mita. For Prodi who wants to make you a gift of three new incinerators. In Lombardy there are tens of incinerators, the roads are clean, but there’s a frightening occurrence of cancers. I beg your pardon for the illnesses due to radioactive waste buried in your lands without authority without any authority lifting a finger over 20 years. I beg your pardon for the dioxin and the nano particles from incineration that you breathe in together with the cancer. How many authorities have you paid with your taxes? Magistrates, Health Units, public administrators, Regions, Provinces, Towns, Mountain Communities, Police, Carabinieri, Forest Guards, Fire Officers, Town Police, Urban Cleansing, deputies, senators. All our employees. How many thousands of people have been given salaries to save you from this disaster? Why if there is Justice to avoid this Chernobyl of rubbish? What’s the use? Why are they there?
    The world is looking at Naples. You are at a point of no return. Naples is at year zero. Like Berlin in 1945 after the bombing. It is a unique moment in history for starting again. For a Campana Renaissance. Take your past back into your hands, your language and the life of your children. Your territory. If you want you can change things. Nothing is impossible for those who are born here. What is decided in Rome is not important. You are important. The Italy of Beppe Grillo says “sorry” to you. The other Italy judges you and beats you up. History has gone by here and will come back soon. However, give it a hand.
    For a New Renaissance.
    Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core…nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe’ n’ora…stu desiderio ‘e te mme fa paura…”

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