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How sad and bare Positanos Christmas tree is this year. It’s been like this for over a week and I don’t know if it will ever be finished. The town hall must have run out of money for decorations this year, after splashing out (finally) on public bathrooms on the beach (which, of course are closed for the winter, because who on earth would need to pee in the winter?).

But I have an idea! (For the tree)

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody who lived here took one tree ornament from home and hung it on this big tree at Mulini? It probably wouldn’t be a very colour co-ordinated tree, but at least it would be festive. Would the Positanese go for something like that I wonder or would they all shake their heads at the silly English girls silly ideas?

And why do I smell of smoke I hear you ask? Because the hunky new neighbours managed to set their kitchen on fire. OK, so it wasn’t their fault, the old washing machine must have exploded while we were all out and they came back to a black, smoke filled house. The kitchen is ruined and currently smouldering on the terrace below, emitting acrid aromas that waft up to our windows.
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