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Cathy Adeli a Poem

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Beat it out   make it sting

Cry over lost wings.

what will it bring? One life back ALIVE and why?

But first, why did their mother let them go

Their sister, brother, mother of the mother

Am I to believe they did not know that

War is Hell

the vices we weave into a web of lies our lives.

We must protect you and me.  they will come back alive

To the home of the brave the land of the free

My country is right and has the might so we must fight

For peace and justice and the American Way

We’ll get those kooks or krauts or whatever name

It is all the same dehumanizing to kill, torture, and maim.

For oil, water, gold, slaves, the trade, barter, endless charters

Treaties and agreements without any shame

Some endless lotto game without a name until it is yours.

Beat it out.  Make it sting   what will it bring

Contortions, distortions, bald faced lies

War contained   killing restrained wars in the war zone

Just another dog fight over some old bone

The losers, the ones that die, and is that why we cry

They lost the game, not that they died,

Wrapped in red white and blue, they go.

They fight brave, true and bold and come home

Disfigured, dead bodies, hearts, eyes and souls.

And the other side, wrapped in their colors fighting mean

The children that must be saved

Their bodies and brains washed and hung

In bloody rain beneath flags waved.

Beat it out make it sting no

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