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    The CENTRE OF CULTURE AND HISTORY of AMALFI WILL BE HOSTING twenty students and researchers IN OCCASION OF THE BIENNIAL CULTURAL EXIHIBITION “ MEDITERANEAN DEVELOPMENT IN THE EUROPEAN CULTURE”. THE conference WILL BE HELD FROM 5TH TO THE 8TH OF DECEMBER 2007 AND FROM THE 14TH TO 16TH NOVEMBER 2007. THIS CULTURAL PROJECT AIMS AT IMPROVING AND ENCOURAGE THE Knowledge OF HISTORY, ART AND CULTURE OF AMALFI AND THE COAST THANKS TO THE PARTECIPATION OF UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS AND STUDENTS. THE CALL FOR APPLICATION WILL end ON THE 30TH OF NOVEMBER. CANDIDATES WILL HAVE TO SEND TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ccsa1@libero.it OR FAX NUMBER 089 873143, ALL THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS: A UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATE SHOWING THEY ARE ATTENDING A COURSE IN HISTORY, ART OR LITERATURE, A WRITTEN REPORT OF THE Exams taken with the marks and a short CV.For further info you can call 089/871170.The winners will have the opportunity to acquire a deep knowledge of the artistic and natural beauty of Amalfi, taking part to many international seminars of two weeks’ programme which will show how Amalfi and its coast are a mixture of natural beauty, art and culture. WEB SITE www.centrodiculturaestoriaamalfitana.it

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