Positano Climate European Conference

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In implementation of the project “POSIT.IVE CHANGES” presented along with the municipalities of Amaroussion (GREECE), Albestii de Muscel (ROMANIA) and Mendavia (SPAIN), as part of the European program called “Citizens for Europe-Networks Issues”, and approved by the European Commission, the City of Positano is preparing to sign an agreement twinning (Pact brotherhood) with the above-mentioned municipalities partners. The official symbol of conduct will be followed by a European Conference on the theme of climate change and the impact on the allocation of available resources, being organized from 26 to 28 October 2007 at the Congress Hall “Covo dei Saraceni”. The Conference wants to be a reflection and a beginning of confrontation and debate to promote, even in small areas, the culture of most rational of available resources and their most careful protection, through policies aimed more widespread use of energy renewable and / or “clean” the development of so-called “seasonal”, to use the tools of financial support offered by current legislation regional and community, in the context of the increasing attention paid by the policies of the European Commission and the environmental issue in perspective the revival of the territory of Campania a strong tourist destination, which is our territorial District. The Conference, which involves representatives of European institutions and the government, as well as regional and local institutions, the University community, and authoritative experts will therefore offer an effective contribution, in terms of reflection and synthesis for administrative action for the partnership and consultation. The initialling of the Agreement, to witness a common belief that unites the peoples involved, on the assumption of the value of twinning as a means of comparison and intercultural dialogue, it will be an opportunity to share with the Italian authorities and foreign present a moment of great importance and for the life of local communities in our countries, which will work in the exchange of experiences and the development of joint projects, both supranational, as contribution to the development of a single European citizenship.

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