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Gianni Menichett’s book about Vali Myers will be presented today in the Hotel Chelsea in New york at 7:30 PM. The Hotel is a temple to literature, poetry and art worldwide and has had as guests for varying periods of time everyone from Dylan Thomas and his escapades at the nearby White Horse Tavern to Vali Myers herself.The presentation will be held in the company of the many admirers and friends of Vali Myers , her art and her times.

The book was commisioned by the Golda Foundation to Gianni Menichetti. Gianni has not left Porto Vallone in order to continue to defend it as was Vali’s wish from barbaric onslaught and destruction through all the years to current. “At this moment I am looking out at the sea with my dogs. I don’t want to leave this valley that is truly an earthly paradise- It is my life and I want to protect it until the day I die.

The book will be presented in the same room where Vali lived when she was in New York. There were many artists there in the 80’s including Dylan Thomas. I will be there with her in my heart”

In the meantime always on the subjest of Gianni Menichetti and his life tied to Vali Myers and the Vallone Porto, Elizabeth Rocha Salgrado and Martin Smith are filming a documentary for Dutch television. The periodical Reals, the most widely disseminated on trains in Europe are writing a story on this theme by Marco Bakker.

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