BOB MILLER receives award amici di Positano

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Mayor Domenico Marrone in his presentation of the “Amici di Positano” award presented to Bob Miller yesterday afternoon in the Town Hall of Positano affirmed the belief that Bob Miller, not only because of his long lived sojourns and domicile of some 53 years in Positano was deserving of recognition, but also because of his inestimable contribution to the cultural and artistic life of the community.

The presentation in the company of well over one hundred friends and admirers reached an emotional high point with several teary eyes visible as Mayor Marone announced that Bob Millers name was to be inserted in the permanent records of the community for his devotion and “amore” for Positano. This pronounced, Bob received the award “Amici di Positano” in ceramic and a scroll attesting to his enrollment in the Annals of Positano.

The “Amici di Positano” award was instituted by the Community Council of Positano to give recognition to foreign nationals who have sojourned or otherwise resided in Positano for a minimum of 30 years and who have been present for at least the last 3 years on a consistent basis.

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