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   BOB MILLER and ED WITTSTEIN are to receive the prestigious “AMICI DI POSITANO” prize awarded by the Mayor and Community of Positano in recognition of their regular and consistent sojourns over a thirty year span of time in Positano.Not only sojourns but domiciled in the lovely home which they purchased in 1969 and which has remained their “second home” throughout this period with ever longer stays amongst friends and acquaintances.

Arriving in 1955 to attend the Edna Lewis Art Workshop Ed Wittstein’s love for Positano was born and continued to grow.His success in the United States as costume designer, television and cinema contributions , set designer are well noted. The famous musical The Fantastics” with the distinction of being one of the longest running theatrical productions ever is also part of his acheivements. Most recently he has published his book “POSITANO”, illustrating with joy and vivacity his love for Positano.

Bob Miller also comes to us with his work with the Edna Lewis Art Workshop and his ensuing “amore” for Positano.Long Artistic Director of a well known publicity agency in the United States Bob Miller has also published a work of his Collages which has received endearing acclaim.

Both artists have contributed enormously over the years  to the life and times of Positano mith their wry humour, enormous talents and pro-Positano love and admiration.

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