POSIMUSE CONCERTO PER TRE- Trionfo di Collina, Gargiulo e Talamo.

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       POSITANO. 11-08-2007

           Dulcet tones of other times,other ages and other loves. Profound and joyful.  Melancholic and languid. The voice of Maria Collina, the flute of Maria Gargiulo and the guitar of Luigi Talamo enchanted all once again.

            The flute bespoke the evening. It’s effortless, blithe and airy tones gently sent forth by Maria Gargiulo could not have been more perfect, more in consent with the masterful playing of Talamo’s guitar and  the rapturous voice of Collina.

            A capacity audience of holiday guests and Positanese at concerts end gave a momentous and sustained  standing ovation to the gift so generously given by these oustanding performers. The gift of beauty remembered through music, the suspension of time and a remembrance of our own infinite minds, so often forgotten. Here is truly part of the true treasure of Positano.

           “L’adieu” of P.Porro was especially moving in its sensuous, melodic interpretation as was “Quel meste gemito” by  M.Giuliani in it’s grace  and passion. Vivaldi, Carulli, Rossini and Satie as well all masterfully presented.

            For those of you who could not attend, the Posimuse Trio performs on Tuesday August 14th at 21:00 (9:00 PM)  in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in the town of PASTENA (Amalfi).

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