Positano (Nocelle) – ART THROUGH THE DARK

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  The moon was full, the stars were abundant and so were the participants that came to our mountain community of Nocelle last night to see  and hear the stars of our own private galaxy.
  Under the auspices of the A.D.I.N. Association in collaboration with the Community of Positano the project “Nova Cella Arte” presented the first edition of “Arte nella Notte” -“Art in the Night”.
  Hung on the antique walls of this enchanting community suspended between mountains and sea
the works of artists Aniello Cinque, Lisa Cinque,Laura Libera Lupo, Valeria Manzoni, Robert Miller, Katinka Niederstrasser, Marina Pane, Nicola Prisco, Flora Run, Paolo Sandulli, Michele Theile and Ed Wittstein captivated the dozens of participants who lingered in front of each work of art presented.
  Holiday guests from Positano and local residents exchanged favorable comments not only as to the work represented but also the professional way in which the evening was developed.

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