Shootings of film about Mahammad Asad bay end in Italy

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Shootings of the documentary and feature film “”about Mahammad Asad bay by UM WELT FILM studio in Italy have been finished, scientific author of the film, head of the expert group and playing the starring role, researcher of Mahammad Asad bay’s heritage Nuride Ateshi told the APA.

She said that shootings of the film were made in the city of Positano, in the south of Italy where he lived at the end of his life and buried. She said that they found out that the tombstone was in wrong direction. Ateshi said Asad bay wanted the head of his grave to be put towards east, Mecca. The grave of wrongly-buried Asad bay was opened a few years after his death and directed to Mecca the tombstone was put in wrong direction. Nuride Ateshi appealed to Positano’s mayor Domeniko Maronei officially. The mayor received Ateshi and regerted it and promised to visit the grave and change the tombstone. Nuride Ateshi also found out that Asad bay is shown as Mahammad Asad bay Ibrahim oglu in all official documents in Positano State Library and archive. Original letters written by Mahammad Asad bay, his bank notebook and some valuable documents.
Azerbaijanis living in Berlin Javad bay Vezirov, Hilal Munshi, Zahid Efendi and others called Asad bay a Jew and appealed to the police and other official bodies by groundless slanders and managed ban of his publications in German media. Official bodies of Germany, Austria and Italy did not find any evidences proving Asad bay’s being Jew. According to the documents found in Positano a Russian artist and writer Semyonov appealed to Italian police about him. Nuride Ateshi is investigating its causes. She supposes that Hilal MUnshi and his supporters committed this provocation along with Semyonov. Asad bay’s letters and telegrams to Mussolini, death certificate and other documents prove it. Nuride Ateshi said she found out valuable official documents about Asad bay’s nationality and parents. She found Asad bay’s next of kin and prepares his genealogy table. The researcher said that the manuscript of Asad bay’s last novel “Man not understanding love” written under the nickname Gurban Seid is in Germany.
“Asad bay clarifies some obscure points in the novel,” she said.
Noting that the film and book will be demonstrated in Asad bay’s renaissance year announced in Germany in 2008, Nuride Ateshi underlined the necessity of including it into the plan of Azerbaijani culture year in Germany. /APA/

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