Ravello, Summer 2007. Even the silence becomes music to our ears.

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    Ravellotime, a look at the tourism, history, curiosities, projects, events and characters that have made famous this town protected by World Heritage.


    Summer 2007. Even the silence becomes music to our ears.


    From 2003 the Tourist Agency of Ravello has been available to help travellers and guests staying in this town of music. Ravellotime represents a way to give a welcome to the many tourists that choose Ravello and the Amalfi Coast as their holiday destination. Really, four pages are not enough to write about this unique place and the events that happen here, but this year we will attempt -weekly- to write about what else there is to see and do in this town apart from visiting the historic town centre, the beautiful villas and gardens. We willl lead you by the hand and show you how to appreciate, in the best way this unique town, its programs and events.

    “This year our summer program starts with ‘weekends at Ravello'”, explains Adolfo Masullo, the administrator of the Agency of Tourism. “Starting on the 26th May, with guided visits to less well known areas and concerts at noon. Ravello is a place with an inexhaustible charm and we have tried to emphasize its’ charm with initiatives worthy of the history, culture, the sense of hospitality of its citizens.”

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