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On the beach this weekend a little huddle of stalls sprang up out of nowhere and a street food festival was born. Street food? My mind drifted away from the beach and over to England, to Camden Market to be precise. I remembered the tantalising aromas wafting through the crowds, thai noodles, curries, greek kebabs, burgers and sweet and sour stir-fry. What classified as Italian street food? I wandered around the stalls to have a look.

The sicilians speciality was the cannolo. A crisp hollow fried pastry shell is filled with a smooth cream made from ricotta, sugar and chocolate chips. Poppy edged nearer the stand and was eventually rewarded with a freshly filled mini cannolo. I knew I coulod get one too if I tried, so I batted my eyelashes at the chef and said, “you know, the one time I went to Sicily I brought back 36 cannoli for the people I worked with and they ate them all so fast that I never had time to even try one!” I was swiftly handed two of the delicious little pastries.

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