Stop to the buses to avoid traffic

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    Stop to the buses to avoid traffic

    against the road blocks in the Amalfi Coast

    The limitations to the traffic among Vietri sul Mare and Positano, are anticipated Sunday 25 March and up to November 4.
    This year is forbidden the transit on the S.S.163 Amalfitana, for bus in the days of Easter and on April 25 and 1 May.

    The transit will be allowed only the public transports, except the tourist buses between the 10,35 and the 12 meters of length

    There will be besides the unique sense of march, (every day from the 8,30 at 24 o’clock) among Positano – Vietri sul Mare, both for the tourist buses with inclusive length between the 10,35 and the 12 meters, that for the trucks of superior weight to 75 quintals.

    For these last ones the transit is anticipated in two timeframes: 7.30 give at 8.30 o’clock and from 2 pm to the 17.

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    (redazione de il foglio Costa d’Amalfi)

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