´ I´m Sitting On The Beach Wondering How To Catch The Moon.´

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    Positano—- On Wednesday, March 21st, the first day of Spring at 11:00AM you are all invited to a remarkable Art Exhibition created by the  very creative minds of the 5a Scuola Primaria, Istituto Comprensivo, Plesso di Positano.The exhibition title ” Io sto sulla spiaggia a predere la luna” was conceived by one of the young artists as members of  “La Bottega di Pinocchio”

    The exhibition itself records a journey of the imagination within one of the “Quartieri” of Positano. In this instance the “Quartiere Spiaggia” is envisioned as a house. The walls are the surrounding houses, the pavement ,the sand and the roof, the blue sky above. It is a surreal voyage using words, images, photographs and works of art. Unique moments in which the spontanaiety, instinctivness and innocence of the children reigns.

    The young artists represent themselves and speak from their point of view , from their perspective of things normally not seen, of the other facet of a face taken for granted. “A rusty cylinder stuck in the sand becomes the funnel of an ocean liner” Under the sand in the fantasy of a child lies a hidden secret.

    In this voyage between past and present many Positanese gave graciously of their time and wisdom. They symbolically opened the doors of this house , this “quartiere” to show us things unknown. Architect Romolo Ercolino , our historian, whom the children affectionately named “Ulysses”  gave invaluable insight. The “Nonna” of the “Quartiere” Angela Imperati recounted her memories and Laura Libera Lupo the artist who accompanied the children in their imaginings in the world of art.

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