Adolfo Bella Has Died In His Beloved Positano

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POSITANO…Recently crowning a remarkable and adventurous lifetime with the recognition by the Comune of Positano for his role in the Partisan Movement of World War II Adolfo Bella died yesterday and was interred this late afternoon following a Funeral Mass by Don Giulio at the Chiesa Nuova. Accompanied by his daughter Melania ,son Sergio and endearingly in Australia ,his son Daniele and their extended families the many friends and acquaintances of a lifetime both Positanese and Positanese by choice were in attendance to say farewell.A legend in his own time has gone on ahead of us. A man of striking good looks and strapping physique from his early youth until his death he was a figure that defined a certain aspect of what Positano meant to many. A man of fierce independence and sometimes stern character he was also sensitive and caring in acts of kindness and sharing. An unknown entity to some, a man who could do practically anything if it came into his head, a figure to be in awe of to others who knew him. Because he was so much a part of this Positano the faces that had come to pay homage today were faces of thoughts and experiences remembered. Faces that were with him in his youth and growing up. Faces that remembered his many adventures and sage perceptions. Faces that wrote over the past 40 odd years the history of Laurito. The history of” Da Adolfo” and the innumerable nights and days of fun and laughter ,of blazing sunshine and limpid refreshing sea and sudden summer storms when the bar was open to all. Why? Because you couldn’t get back to town until the sea calmed down . And so , not to worry. Just have some more fun. Sing and Joke and feel a camaraderie that happened everytime lots of people got stranded for awhile and came together in some very special ways. Who can forget “Chicken Adolfo” his secret recipe and the very special treat it was when it appeared on the menu. I was privileged to be invited on beautiful hikes with him and his family to Faito and Paipo and all over our Monti Lattari.Sometimes we had a picnic. Sometimes we ate at one of the rustic restaurants with their wonderful specialties. Always we were having fun and experiencing something special. His figure will be missed as will be his smile and twinkling eyes.Two aspects among many he undoubtebly will be remembered by. (FNC)

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