Waiting for Godot at The Villa Romana?

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POSITANO- A bridge financing in order to begin restoration of the precious frescoes discovered in the recently excavated Villa Romana beneath the crypt of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta has been asked for by Mayor Domenico Marrone. The request has gone to the office of Regional President Bassolino.

The amount of €250.000 is being requested in an effort to restore and preserve this precious patrimony as quickly as possible. This amount represents work that needs to be done solely on the frescoes uncovered to date. A further sum of €40000.00 (four million)Euro has also been requested in order to excavate the Villa in its entirety. The original funding provided for excavations is at exhaustion.To date no response on the additional funding requested from the Region.

The original excavations proved to be of great interest not only locally and regionally but nationally and internationally as well.It has  been noted in recent years that there has been a surge of interest in archeolgical digs worldwide on the part of a more curious and educated population ever more alienated by much of modern life and searching for continuity with other epochs and ways of life that has fueled this interest.

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