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Positano News Gives Birth To An English Version

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POSITANO- First on the Amalfi Coast to communicate in English by a native English speaking editorial staff,  PositanoNews proudly announces its inception. Created as a result of an ever increasing demand in recent months  to “do it in English” by English speaking readers as well as Italian and other foreign readers. Here we are !But we would like your participation as well. We want as many of you as possible to contribute to our efforts. You are invited to send us your reflections  and observations, your musings and dreams. Those of you who literary minded your writings, poems, insights.

The person responsible for the English version is Francesco Carpegna  a native New Yorker of Italian parentage who has lived on the Amalfi Coast for years. He recounts that his “colpo di Fulmine”–love at first site– came while driving along he coast and into Positano. He is quick to note that this was followed by “love at first bite” and the local cuisine.

Our editorial staff is available to consult with you and welcomes your suggestions on how we might improve and enlarge  this new venture. With over a thousand “hits” a day and has become a genuine form of outreach for information and creativity to an ever increasing community of readers.

Send your writings to (ringhio51@hotmail.com ) or cinquemi@michelecinque.191.it


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