Positano Cooking course in Thurnau

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Rosaria Ferrara, Heidi Tutino and Renata Vercesi arrived in Monaco at the 27. January, the cooking course began on Monday 29. January, 16 students were cooking the ricette of Rosaria, Heidi translated and Renata helped the students with cooking, we had 4 evenings, we cooked “Bignè di pesce”, “Focaccia con peperoni e pecorino”, “crepès agli asparagi”, “tortelli al sugo di vongole”, “spaghetti al sugo di cozze e peperoni”, “cozze in pastella”, “foccacia di melanzane”, “filetti di sogliola allo zafferano”, “penne con sugo di gamberi e carciofi, and  baked “pastiera”.
The cooking course ended with a big gala menue on wednesday 7. february, all the cooking course members cooked for almost 50 people all together, including guests like our former Bürgermeister Rudi Hofmann who made the gemellagio real with Domenico Marrone in 2000, our friends from Positano, who were completed by the arrival of Mechy D´Aiello, Domenico Rispoli, Angela D´Urso and Mario Lucibello on Sunday 4. February, and of course the cooking course students themselves.
It was a big success for Rosaria and her students, all dishes were very good, and we all had a very nice evening with perfect italian food, limoncello, myrtillo, wine and beer, and a very nice conversation and getting together to enstrengthen our friendship.
In the leisure time between the courses we made trips to Bayreuth, Bamberg, Nürnberg, Vierzehnheiligen, Seßlach, Coburg and so on, nearly every evening there were invitations from friends from Thurnau for our friends from Positano.

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