JOHN GALLIANO – My Favourites of Autumn/Winter 2011/12



In my article about DIOR I have already talked about the scandal early this year – and the subsequent dismissal of John Galliano by DIOR. But let us focus on his skills as a designer – and check his own mini collection!


No doubt – John Galliano is one of the most eccentric fashion designers. His world is the first half of the 20th century – and it shows so very clearly in his Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection. His looks are a glamorous showcase of the Golden Era of the fabulous ‘20s and ‘30s. He worked with silks and velvets and rich laces – and he also showed latex pieces!

Key Looks – Key Pieces

John Galliano’s evening dresses ooze stellar glamour – the quintessential movie star look! His daywear is very elegant and sophisticated – beautiful tweeds and figure hugging cuts!

While his evening looks are extremely bold – real statements – his daywear is timeless despite its clear commitment to a time gone-by.

Strong and self-confident women should go for it!

The colour palette – again – is down to blacks and greys and the omni-present gemstone greens, and reds, and blues, and aubergines. In fact, colours which never are going to look out-dated!

My Favourite Pieces

I’d pick one or two of his fabulous jackets with skirt – and a pair of his Mary-Jane-type shoes!