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Ancora una volta nei mari della Costiera Amalfitana a Positano Rising Sun lo yacht di Larry Ellison uno degli uomini più ricchi del mondo fondatore di Oracle.  In questi giorni la Rising Sun è stata fra Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Sorrento e Capri a solcare, come fa quasi ogni anni, i mari della Campania. Eccone una descrizione

Many sites has reported this to be the ‘world’s largest yacht’, but it’s actually the second largest in the world according to The World’s 100 Largest Yachts – 2005. But anyway, this yacht is enormous!

Rising Sun was meant to be only 120 meters long, but at some point, Larry changed his mind and decided that it should be 138 meters instead. And even though it’s not officially stated anywhere, it’s because he wanted to have a bigger boat than Paul Allen of Microsoft’s Octopus, 128 meters.

The boat is built by Lürssen in Bremen, Germany, and is constructed by Jon Bannenberg, and has a total living space of 8 000 square meters – quite impressive, or what do you say? And why is the boat in Stockholm? Well, Larry Ellison is fond of sailing, and owns the american team for Americas cup, which takes place in Sweden between August 23 to September 3 2005. Larry Ellison will come and watch the competition for a couple of days, and wanted a nice place to stay at… Hehe

Some other facts about Larrys yacht The Rising Sun:

Length: 452.75ft (138 m) long
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Four diesels giving an output of 48 000 horsepower.
Production cost: US$200+ (In fact, it’s for sale.)
Total living space: 8 000 square meters.
Huge inside swimming pool
Extensive wine cellar
A cinema
Basketball court that doubles as a helicopter pad
Suites for 16 guests
82 rooms on five storeys
Space for private submarine

Larry Ellison is the ninth richest man in the world and founder and CEO of Oracle. He’s worth around $18 billion, so he can afford to have a boat of this magnituted – even if it costs over $13 million each year to just maintain it…

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