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Riceviamo e pubblichiamo questa lettera dall’Australia per il Vallone Porto di Positano per il quale da mesi stiamo facendo una battaglia portata avanti dal WWF e condivisa da altre associazioni ambientaliste (Posidonia e Gea a livello locale, poi anche Legambiente e Italia Nostra) ed esperti. Chi vuole può scorrere la sezione Positano e trovarvi decine di articoli e tutta la cronistoria di quello che sta avvenendo perchè crediamo che il silenzio renda complici. Qui parlano i sentimenti e crediamo non sia necessario tradurli.

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“IL PORTO”, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy
A letter for Positano News.
15th February, 2008.
Written by Vasiliki.

I have been staying here along the Amalfi Coast for some 16 days now.
Living with Gianni Menichetti, an artist, a poet, an environmentalist and
crucially the Custodian of Vallone Porto preferably known as “IL Porto”- a
place where, with him, the wilderness is allowed to just BE. An array of
various animals are found here, along with insects and plants and the place
is bursting with new life (I personally experienced during the last
fortnight, a female toad producing “necklaces of black pearls” as Gianni
put it! hundreds, even thousands of frog eggs, “Dingo” the dog’s new pup
and even as i write this, insects mating back-to-back on my thumb!)

A most disturbing sight I have witnessed here whilst venturing along the
aqueducts, piles and piles of litter buried amongst the humus, stones and
fallen trees and branches. Plastic bottles (they are NOT biodegradable),
broken bottles, aluminium cans, plastic plates and bags, pens, even a
washing machine, and sadly batteries (highly toxic) all thrown over the
cliff’s edge from above, the town Nocelle, into this glorious canyon. Which
evidently, given their actions, it is unbeknown to the local populace that
this valley sustains much life which Gianni Menichetti has outlined in
various books that he has published over the years.

From what I have gathered and the trusted information from Gianni himself, a
residency in this wilderness which spans 37 years, house dwellers and others
up above appear to have a genuine indifference to Nature herself. It seems
a disgust and even an old-fashioned view of Mother earth as dirty, fearful
and even horrid! Who would have thought? What ever happened to the ol’
school girls and boys fighting to preserve the REAL JEWELS? “IL Porto”
should be given a 200 year contract, at least, by the World Heritage Trust
(UNESCO) so that there is never a threat to its pristine existence. Ever.

On the 10th February 2008, it was the first time ever that Gianni allowed
the public to enter the stepping stones to his wild backyard and see for
themselves the captivating beauty this place has which naturally becomes
enshrined in ones heart, once witnessed. Manifested in the hope that
people will become more respectful of this place and all it has to offer.

Apparent is the refuse problem here in surrounding areas such as Naples. You
can read about it momentarily on Positano News and prior to coming here this
time around, Naple’s rubbish problem was broadcast over BBC radio in
Amsterdam. I can say i saw piles and piles of garbage on the side of the
streets. The Germans are willing to assist this time. A clear opportunity
for local Ïtalian councils to introduce sensible, environmentally friendly
measures and infrastructure to assist with exponential waste. Not only,
people have to be educated about being responsible for their own waste. The
SOURCE of the problem is IGNORANCE regarding Nature and litter. Fines are
all well and good but the bottom line is a change of consciousness which
must occur at a grass roots level. Education campaigns introduced at a
primary school level into science course curriculum. Children need to be
taught the benefits of sustaining Nature and how to dispose of litter
properly. NATURE IS NOT A DUMPING GROUND. Litter goes into bins. Since
it is generally accepted that it is much more difficult to convince the
older generations (after all one cannot teach an old dog new tricks!), your
only hope begins with educating the younger generation. You can even
organise clean up days with the local Posi kids. A hands on approach is
what is needed and a realisation of the damage that is being caused. You
must teach the children that if they are to consume then they have to be
responsible with the package that they have purchased. If people want to
buy into consumerism that is their choice but the brunt onto and into Nature
is almost unforgiveable at this point in our surprisingly short human
history. This is also a global issue which affects the world and must be
tackled locally. Change takes at least a generation. It takes between 7 to
10 years for real change to occur and a shift in consciousness is what is
desperately required in this instance.

I believe that local mayors should be tackling the problem and not shying
away from it thinking it will just disappear. The real focus is the
preservation of the REAL JEWELS, i.e. Nature, especially given the fact that
we are constantly bombarded with information about the plight of the
planet. The job of “the cleaner” should be elevated and respected in a
society. Any society. I have also been a cleaner for several years amongst
other things and I really enjoy it. It keeps one physically fit, one is
their own boss and there is not much negativity surrounding it (I always use
vinegar to clean toilets, etc and I know I am not manufacturing bombs or
weapons), plus I get a little cash which helps feed and sustain my body.
The bottom line comes down to integrity. When a person no longer has any
self-respect, they also care for nothing, let alone the Wild and Nature.

Whoever is concerned in Posi, please do what you can. Please make it a



(Nella foto una rara immagine della cascata di Francesco Fusco esclusiva Positano News)

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