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STREET STYLE – My favourite of 19th August 2011 foto

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 I must admit that I did moan around in my previous article about of the lack of style of people during the hot summer days. But there is ALWAYS the famous exception from the rules – and I found it today!

 The gods of fashion must have heard me and obviously felt very sorry for me and all the others who love to look at aesthetically pleasing people but instead have to cope with the pure opposite. These gods have sent us Graziella!


 It is because of the Heat Wave!

 Just another very hot day here in Positano – an African heat weave is sweeping over Italy and lets us suffer at temperatures way above summer average. Under these circumstances I was far from expecting to find an inspiring look when I left the apartment with my laptop and went to work at La Brezza. But for some reason I had decided to take my digital camera with me. And it did pay out!

Around 1 o’clock in the afternoon Graziella turned up at La Brezza with some friends. Everything about her captured my attention – I could not pin it down to some very specific piece which made her look stand out. It was her whole appearance – this Je-ne-sais-quoi like the French love to call it!


Back to Black

 Usually, I avoid the colour black for clothes and accessories because we tend to choose much too often black stuff if we go shopping. Show me a woman who does not possess several pairs of black trousers and black handbags!!

 Therefore, if in doubt, opt for a different colour and only choose black if the piece of clothing, or the handbag, or whatever, is really outstanding and you cannot live without it!

 During a hot day like today you see lots of light and bright colours which should give you this refreshing feeling if you are exposed to the burning sunshine.

 Graziella’s choice today was black!


 A fine example of a Jumpsuit

 This spring and summer season, jumpsuits were featured in every fashion magazine and on every catwalk – a true fashion favourite. But if it comes down to buying this trendy piece of clothing women shy away – because it certainly is one of the most impractical pieces you could possibly wear.

 Trouble is that you would love to add some accessories to it, like for instance a belt, or glam it up with a jacket, a sweater, or a blouse – but whatever you add to it, as soon as you have to undress yourself temporarily, you are in for troubles. You always have to get rid of the whole outfit!!

 But Graziella did very cleverly AVOID any additional details to her black cotton jersey jumpsuit but instead teamed it with a huge striped straw bag in navy blue and sand, a gorgeous pair of black GUESS sunglasses, and flat black leather sandals.

 She kept her dark hair in a very simple bun at the back of her head and wore a touch of make-up – which to me is a MUST even during a hot day at the beach. Lip-gloss, waterproof mascara and a hint of bronze powder blush are always looking fabulous!

 Once again, you could tell me that this is a very simple look. In fact, you are right! But the simpler the outfit seems to be the more difficult it gets to achieve a drop-dead gorgeous look! Graziella chose exactly the right pieces to enhance her fabulous personality and her amazing charm! A beautiful woman – on a very hot day!!


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