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STREET STYLE – my Favourite of 15th august 2011 foto

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 When you write about fashion you soon get tired of writing about the same designers and collections day in and day out. But there is always an alternative. Go out on the street and look at people. And today was the perfect occasion for People Watching in Positano. It was the 15th August – you are not going to get it any busier!



 The ‘80s are back!


The look which I liked most today was the styling of a young woman in a khaki coloured cotton jersey shirt-dress with visible matching bra-strap in the ‘80s style.


A lot of people who have experienced the ‘80s themselves remember this decade as an endless line-up of fashion disasters. No matter if it was about colours or silhouettes or material – most of the looks were over-the-top. And today, the ‘80s are back! But this time you have to improve if you go for the look.


And my girl got it just perfectly right! The whole styling was effortless and consistent – with not the slightest hint of having done it the ‘80s way on purpose. She chose the more androgynous look with a masculine hair styling. She is wearing her hair cut quite short and underlined the look by using gel-wax. Her shirt-dress fitted her very slim body perfectly – neither too lose nor too tight. The dress, however, was very short and showed-off her tanned legs beautifully. The accessories underlined the restraint look perfectly: a narrow khaki coloured leather belt, small white-gold ear studs, a lose-fitting silver-coloured manly watch, a small long-strap handbag, and matching flip-flops.


She looked classy with an understated and elegant sexiness!


Some men would tell you that you can never look too sexy but with this look you could easily go over-the-top. If you choose a bright coloured shirt-dress and team it with too many gold-coloured accessories, and add high-heels, and a bling handbag, and wear big hair – you might go right down the cheap lane…






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