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Sale season twice a year is usually the perfect time to snap up bargains! Sometimes you come across the most fantastic opportunities – like I did today – purely by chance!

My personal Love Affair with Shoes and other little things…

I must admit that I am a shoe addict! In fact, it is not only shoes – my addiction goes quite a bit further…I love bags as well, and belts, and scarves, and all things vintage, and clothes, clothes, clothes. My wardrobe would make ten women happy very easily. So, everybody in his or her right mind would assume that at a certain point you have everything you would possibly need to get dressed perfectly for just about any occasion.

In theory that is so very true – and I keep saying that every time I return home with another car load of stuff! Trouble is that every now and then another perfect thing turns up and tickles my fancy. I can resist – and if money is really tight, I am able to resist for a long time. I stick to my favourite charity shops where I can find great vintage pieces for a song. But at some point – completely unexpectedly – a unique opportunity turns up…and I am lost!

Strike of Luck!

Today, I had to bring a few things to my dressmaker which needed some work. And as her shop is right in the heart of Zurich, and the weather was almost sunny – which was brilliant compared to the nasty rainy days which we just had! – I decided to have a look around. Just for a short walk up the Rennweg, then a turn to the right in front of Crabtree & Evelyn to go back down the Kuttelgasse to the Bahnhofstrasse – and then it happened…! The shop windows of CHARIVARI indicated a sale at a discount of 70% on everything. This shop sells shoes – and not just any kind of shoes! Oh, no! I am talking about Pierre Hardy, Alexander McQueen, Tabitha Simmons, Gianvito Rossi. Or let’s put it this way: I was in SHOE HEAVEN – at 70% discount!!

Show me a woman who adores high-heels and is able to resist such a temptation! No way!

I tried on almost every model between size 36½ and 38½ – more than 30 pairs of shoes! I indulged in this paradise for far more than one hour. Believe me, it is possible to find killer-heels of 14 cm which are just heavenly to walk on – perfectly fitting and utterly comfortable!

I had a beautiful day in my shoe heaven!




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