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Next fashion season’s start

It is summer holiday and travel season, and I feel sorry for every tourist who made it to Zurich. It keeps raining and the temperatures are really low.

I’ve been writing many articles about the fashion collections of the Autumn/Winter season 2011/12 – therefore, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if I had been inspired by all these beautiful clothes so much that I go and visit my friends at KLEIDERBÖRSE again on a regular basis.

About Money and the Truth

I am unfortunately not in position to go and buy all the Chanels, and Louis Vuittons, and Diors, and Hermes’ on Bahnhofstrasse Zurich (one of the most expensive shopping grounds on the planet!). And let’s face it, even if I could afford the surreal prices in these shops – since I’ve been working with a fashion label myself, I got a very clear view of what is going on in this business. With this knowledge, you turn towards vintage and second-hand very happily or go for the ultimate bargains at the end of the season.

Take this wisdom: Don’t trust the brands but carefully check the quality of the work, the fabrics which have been used and the place where it has been produced. There are still a lot of good quality brands around – but high prices do not automatically stand for high quality, it much rather shows that some houses do spend insane amounts on marketing and public relations.

I am grateful to Fashionistas

Don’t get me wrong – I am happy if still a lot of people are prepared to spend lots and lots of money on exclusive fashion. It guarantees the constant flow of second-hand opportunities for women like me! And in fact, it is great to see people splashing the cash in times like these. The current economic crises cannot be unwound if everybody keeps saving money. Therefore: My big thanks to all those generous women who still invest in their wardrobe and keep the fashion business running!

Secondhand Fashion

Secondhand shops offer the opportunity to pick great finds and go for a very individual styling. The shop KLEIDERBÖRSE is my personal fashion treasure-trove and when I was there again on Thursday, I was allowed to take pictures of the shop and the items on display…


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