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Moda Positano – quo vadis?

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Positano, costiera amalfitana , Amalfi Coast. The time has come to revive a lacklustre brand! Moda Positano – like countless other brand names in the past – has lost its shine. What does it take to get back on track?

In a globalized world like ours, brands and labels become interchangeable. Rising marketing and PR costs in order to stand out of the masses led many brands to go eastwards and set-up production facilities all over Southeast Asia. However, it is a tough call to reduce production costs but nevertheless maintain an excellent quality standard. Not very many brands managed this challenge successfully and the savvy shoppers all around the world are more and more picking on the debatable quality of the goods.

The fashion business is one of the toughest markets! Fierce competition among the various established brands, a never ending stream of new, up and coming labels, short live spans of the collections, and the on-going headwinds on the financial markets with enormous global economic impact drive marketing and advertising costs to absurd levels. More and more brands are tempted to outsource their production in order to keep up their margins or envisage serious losses on their margins by reducing their prices by selling through alternative channels like internet platforms such as net-a-porter and others.

It just doesn’t look very promising – however, there must be light at the end of this tunnel. In various business areas smart moves have set-in, and instead of going global, more and more companies go local. Admittedly, this is not an easy way to go, and it takes stamina, some time and an innovative strategy.

It is not about reducing prices, it is not about reducing costs by losing on quality – it is about telling the STORY! Every excellent product has a story to tell – so tell it! Talk about sustainability, talk about tradition, talk about artisanship, talk about uniqueness, talk about your philosophy!

A rising number of customers are ready to move away from low-key/low-cost products to a more sensible and value-added attitude of shopping. Smart shoppers buy less but instead go for excellent quality items – even at considerably higher prices. If your prospective clients get an added value like a great shopping experience, inside information about the goods and the security that they have made the right choice because they have gone for the best they could possibly afford – they will not for a moment hesitate to spend a lot of money!

Moda Positano has a story to tell and everybody here in Positano who is still operating within this genuine and authentic and traditional way of designing and producing the various brands should tell the story and preserve its values. Establishing a quality label for Moda Positano with clearly defined requirements could be one way to go and enhance the reputation of this formerly so famous brand name. There must be a difference between the locally made textiles and accessories and the imported stuff from the Fareast – just show it off! Define the difference and show pride in your own produce. Smart PR and marketing strategies can make all the difference, and it does not cost a fortune. Do not compromise on quality but enhance your service and – TELL YOUR STORY! It does work – not overnight, of course, but over some time, and it is certainly worth the effort.

The alternative does not look good, and instead of having the shelter of an established brand like Moda Positano, every local designer and producer would have to fight for him- or herself. If you join your forces, you can re-establish a great brand and make it fit enough to face the future challenges. Set the roots locally and promote the story of your goods globally…

Lara Wirth, Strategic Business Coach and PR Specialist (Switzerland)

Special thanks for the Net Art Cafè La Brezza Positano (on the beach) 


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